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WAHPG Archive

These projects are an endeavour to support existing documentation by locating as many historic and current documents in one place before it is too late and in a form easily accessed by everyone.  In our research we have used the Heritage Inventory, Fire Map, "West of the Arthur", "One Hundred Years of Darkan's History",, Australian Electoral Rolls, military records, shipping records and the websites, Reverse Marriage Search, Great Southern Pioneers and Australian Cemeteries.


The WAHPG has permission from the Shire to digitise the historic rate books over 100 years old.  The 1906/7 book has already been imaged and is currently being transcribed.  The index whill take a while but you can get a quick preview here.

Current Project

Story Board

This is where you can tell us stories about "The Arthur" before they are lost forever.  All stories must be approved by the Historic Society Committee before publication.

The story of Lionel Sampson, one of the first storekeepers in the Swan River Colony gives some idea of the conditions the colonists faced.  CLICK HERE

Darkan Unmarked Graves by Lani Munday 2017 The history of 1928 Graham Paige 610 Sedan “AW 148” Service with a whistle (Dardadine) by Lyn White 2016 A Sense of Place (Visit to Darkan) by Glenys Perry 2015

The "2015 ANZAC Booklet"

This booklet is to commemorate and mark the centenary of the Great War. It has been compiled by The West of the Arthur Historical Society with a grant from the Centenary Local Grants Programme and is available in the Darkan Library.

Family Trees

WAHPG preserves all information that it can collect but only publishes information about people from 100 years after birth or that which is already in the public domain.
"West of the Arthur" downloads will contain every name or part family tree listed in the book which can be purchased from West Arthur Shire Council.  A live link to this file is online and can be accessed by subscribers.

These files are still under construction and the zip contains an ftm and a gedcom file - last update Aug 2016