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West of the Arthur Historical Society

Aim of the Society: To stimulate interest within the Shire and elsewhere for the preservation of
historical records and relics including buildings, graves and other sites considered important to the Shire's history.

Policy: To respect The Privacy Act 1988, to secure documentation already in the public domain, to collect and preserve material left in our care, to accept conditions placed by donors on information left in WAHC custody, to provide safe storage of these items and to ensure that persons who access the information undertake to abide by the policy.

These projects are an endeavour to support existing documentation by locating as many historic and current documents in one place before it is too late and in a form easily accessed by everyone.  In our research we have used the Heritage Inventory, Fire Map, "West of the Arthur", "One Hundred Years of Darkan's History",, Australian Electoral Rolls, military records, shipping records and the websites, Reverse Marriage Search, Great Southern Pioneers and Australian Cemeteries.


Historical Location Collection

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West Arthur history that will probably never be together in another place.

Locations Not Yet Placed - Can you help?

If you can help with these locations, contact Alan from the details on the home page and he will visit you to fix the exact location.

Schools: Maybrook, Mount Brown, Trigwell's

Halls: Bokal

Telephone Exchanges: Light Wood, Glenorchy (West Arthur, not Williams), Cordering, MacAlinden, Beaufort River

Recreation Sites: Arthur River Race Course, Arthur River Cricket/Football Ground, Moodiarrup Rifle Range, Bokal Rifle Range, Darkan Rifle Range, Arthur River Rifle Range, Arthur River Tennis Courts, Bokal Tennis Courts, Duranillin 1 Tennis Courts, Duranillin 2 Tennis Courts, Arthur River Golf Course, Carberdine Pool, Brown's Pool, Cobler's Pool, Duranillin Pool, Moodiarrup Pool, Arthur River Gymkhana Paddock, Darkan Horse & Pony Grounds

River Crossings: Convict Cobblestones at Arthur River, Tachbrook at Arthur River, Chipper's at Arthur River, Quill's Bridge at Bokal, Bennett's Bridge

Natural Features: Wayjarrup Well at Arthur River, Querending Spring at Arthur River, Tabelup Well at Arthur River, Bocalarup Spring at Arthur River, Moodiarrup Well, Capercup Well, Darlingup Spring, Boronia Spring, Darkan Well, Nanjip Gulley Well, Bottlebrush "Warrakoo".

Farming, Trading, Industry sites: Washpool/Woolpress (Hignett's), Sheep Wash at "Tachbrook", Brumby Yards at "Carrigaline", Charcoal Pit at "Carrigaline", Mount Brown Trading Post, Fruit Packing Shed at "Deep Pool", Emu Swamp Vegetable Area at Bokal, Trimming's Vinyard at Arthur River, Lewis' Almond Orchard, Coli Mill on Quindanning Road, Giorgi's Mill at Cordering, Suett's Mill at Cordering, Lloyd & H Mills' Mill at Cordering, Swan Timber Co. at Cordering, George Young's Mill at Cordering, Hebb's Mill at Cordering, Hebb's Mill at Ngartiminny Lake, Hebb's Mill at Boomer Downs, Hebb's Mill at Bowelling, Australian Timber Company (ALCO) at Cordering, Adelaide Timber Co. at Trigwell's Bridge, Hughes' Mill at "Riverslea", Hughes' Mill at Duranillin, Chimney Homestead at Brown's Bridge

Lonely Graves: Dale Children (2) at Trigwell's Bridge, Gibbs Child at Boolading, Dearle/Twaites at Moodiarrup, Dale Child at Moodiarrup, Hepburn at Bokal, Clark at Bennett's Bridge, Harris Children at 131 mile, Albany Road, Taylor Child at Arthur River, Unknown woman and girl at Arthur River, Dr Brown at Mount Brown, Fleay child at Marybrook, Mrs Clayton and sister at Hillman, Kylie Reserve Grave Site

Lost Locations:  "Hilldene" at Duranillin (Everitt), "Fernbank" (Thomas & Ted Wild), 

Story Board

This is where you can tell us stories about "The Arthur" before they are lost forever.  All stories must be approved by the Historic Society Committee before publication.

The history of 1928 Graham Paige 610 Sedan “AW 148” Service whith a whistle (Dardadine) by Lyn White 2016 A Sense of Place (Visit to Darkan) by Glenys Perry 2015

Family Trees

The society preserves all information that it can collect but only publishes information about people from 100 years after birth or that which is already in the public domain.
"West of the Arthur" downloads will contain every name or part family tree listed in the book which can be purchased from West Arthur Shire Council.

These files are still under construction and the original is synchronised to - last update Aug 2016